Becky R. Davenport, Ph.D., LMFT established the Institute for Couple and Family Enhancement after 10 years of clinical practice, teaching, and providing supervision to student clinicians. Dr. Davenport recognized a need in the San Antonio area for specialized therapy services for couples and families. The ICFE was founded based in the knowledge that relationships are a central part of all of our lives. When relationships are strong, they provide us with a sense of security and a confidence in ourselves. When we encounter problems in any significant relationship, we can feel deep despair, disconnection, and frustration that can negatively impact all aspects of our lives. The mission of the ICFE is to provide quality, relationship-focused services to not only help clients address the problems that have brought them to therapy, but also to help them build secure, resilient relationships and positive self-confidence that allow changes obtained in therapy to continue throughout their lives.

Some problems people bring to therapy are a result of impaired relationships, while other problems are negatively impacting one's relationships. Whether you are seeking individual therapy for yourself, couple therapy for your relationship, or therapy for your child or teen, we will collaborate together to find ways to eliminate the problems you are encountering while also strengthening vital relationships. Our approach to therapy does not simply focus on removing problems, but rather on making life the best it can be. Please visit our main page for more information about Dr. Davenport and other ICFE clinicians.

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Institute for Couple and Family Enhancement

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Institute for Couple and Family Enhancement