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At the center of my work is a focus on human connection and relationship- relationships between parents and children, relationships between romantic partners, and relationships with ourselves. These relationships shape all aspects of our lives. My professional training and background in marriage and family therapy taught me early in my career to see everyone within a network of relationships- no one escapes being impacted by their connections with others, for good or for bad. When relationships are strong, they provide us with a sense of security and confidence in ourselves. When we encounter problems in any significant relationship, we can feel deep despair, disconnection, and frustration that can negatively impact all aspects of our lives. 

I established the Institute for Couple and Family Enhancement (ICFE) in 2010 after spending several years practicing in the San Antonio area. It was clear to me that there was a need in our community for specialized therapy services for couples, families, and children. As our city continues to grow, this need only grows. The ICFE mission remains to provide quality, relationship-focused services to not only help clients address the problems that have brought them to therapy, but also to help build secure, resilient relationships and positive self-confidence that allows changes obtained in therapy to continue throughout their lives. With over 20 years of experience now, I am proud to continue to provide professionals services for individuals, couples, and families as a part of the ICFE. It is always an honor to be invited into clients’ lives. 

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