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Divorce is a major life event that leads to a complete reorganization of children’s lives. The most significant predictors of children’s adjustment to their parents’ divorce are 1) the extent to which the children continue to be exposed to parental conflict, and 2) parents’ own healthy adjustment to post-divorce life. Parenting Coordination and Facilitation are professional services, usually ordered by a court, that provide support and guidance for divorced and divorcing parents as they make decisions regarding their children and seek to protect their children from conflict. The goal of the Parent Coordination and Facilitation process is to improve the health and well-being of both parents and children by decreasing conflict and introducing new skills for communication and conflict management between parents. These services are not psychotherapy, and it is important for clients to understand key differences in these roles.

When in the role of a Parenting Coordinator, I am a confidential, neutral and objective professional who will gather relevant information regarding your circumstances from both you, the clients, and others who are involved in your case. I will meet with parent clients in a series of sessions, both individually and conjointly. If appropriate, I may also meet with your children to better understand their needs. Based on the needs of your case, I will guide you in the development of new skills and clear expectations of each other as co-parents to allow you to successfully comply with the lawful orders of the court regarding parenting and care for your children.

When in the role of a Parenting Facilitator, I provide much of the same information and skills for parents as when in the Parenting Coordinator role. The key difference is that the Parenting Facilitation role is NOT confidential. A Parenting Facilitator can be called as a witness in a court process related to divorce and child custody. In Texas, the roles and duties of a Parenting Coordinator are defined by the Texas Family Code §153.606, and the roles and duties of a Parenting Facilitator are defined by the Texas Family Code §153.6061. 

Prior to naming me as either a Parenting Coordinator or Parenting Facilitator, please contact my office at 210-496-0100 to confirm if I am able to accept the court assignment and for more information regarding costs and beginning the process.  

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